Shonda Rhimes was told 'nobody will watch' Grey's Anatomy.

When Shonda Rhimes pitched Grey's Anatomy, a "room full of old men" declared no one would watch.

The medical drama was the first of its kind on television, which premiered in 2005.

Rhimes, 52, claimed there had never been a network show with a lead character who owned her sexuality.

Meredith Grey slept with Derek Shepherd, a new surgeon where she's starting as an intern, in the pilot episode

"Old men told me the show was a problem," Rhimes recalls. Because nobody would watch a show about a lady sleeping with a man the night before her first day of work.

Betsy Beers, Shonda's creative partner, said the show was based on her life.

"Shonda looked like she wanted to vomit, which was the normal response, but I added, "That's me." True. It's me! "Beers elaborated. "I remember saying that because it's true."

Rhimes said executives "couldn't get out of that room fast enough" after the news. Added she, "They were clueless. They said, "These are women we don't like.""

Rhimes and Beers turned out to be correct about the show's success as Grey's Anatomy celebrated its 400th episode in May.

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