Maisie Williams just revealed her heartbreaking relationship with her father.

The Game of Thrones actress says it all started when her father "consumed" her childhood.

Maisie had a traumatic relationship with her father before age 8.

Her childhood was filled with "pain," "dread," and "fear," she said, but she didn't want to go into specifics for her family.

"I've never slept well. I didn't realise many traumatic events were wrong "Explained Maisie.

Her mother "escaped" the relationship when Maisie was a baby, but it continued until she was 8 and a teacher intervened.

The teacher asked if she was hungry and had breakfast. When Maisie said no, the teacher realised there were bigger issues.

"So many people loved and cared about me, but I'd never been asked the right questions," Maisie said.

When her mom picked up Maisie and her siblings, "all the doors were open and everything we were experiencing was on the table," she says.

Maisie admits she wanted to "fight" and defend her father despite knowing it was wrong.

"Indoctrinated? That's why I love cults. OK. Okay, "saying, "I betrayed my mother in a child cult. Initially, I resisted."

"Despite how I felt, I thought, "Oh my God, I'm so glad I don't have to see my dad." It went against everything I believed "admitted.

As an adult, Maisie realises that escaping her father doesn't mean she's "free" from the past.

"Never-ending freedom. Inside. When will you stop hurting?" Shared

Maisie has "stopped taking things personally" with her father.

"What if I said I wasn't responsible? If not me, then someone else. These things didn't happen to me as a child because I'm broken "Finished Maisie.

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