John Metchie III was a second round pick in this year's NFL draft.

Houston Texans rookie John Metchie III is unlikely to play in the NFL this season after being diagnosed with Leukemia.

The wide receiver, 22, announced the diagnosis on Sunday but said he's in "good spirits" and that he expects to make a recovery.

"I am currently receiving great medical care, am in good spirits and I expect to make a recovery at a later point in time.

"As a result of this diagnosis, I will likely not be playing football this season. My main focus will be on my health and recovery.

"Thank you in advance for your support and well-wishes. I cannot wait to come back stronger than ever. God Bless."

"John has overcome every challenge placed in front of him in his life with toughness and determination, and

we are behind him every step of the way in his fight against Leukemia," Saban wrote in a statement on Sunday.

"Our thoughts and prayers will remain with him throughout this battle."