Jaylen Brown stays with Donda Sports despite Ye's comments.

Ye, the rapper who used to be called Kanye West, got into trouble for making anti-Semitic comments and for taking a picture with Candace Owens while wearing a "White Lives Matter" shirt.

Brown claimed he's sticking with Ye's agency but doesn't support his views.

Brown told the Boston Globe, "I don't condone hurt, injury, or harm to anyone."

He added "I’ve been a member of my community, trying to uplift my community, and I’m going to continue to do that."

Donda Sports was created in February with the goal of supporting athletes throughout their careers.

The Boston Globe noted that Brown’s basketball and other NBA business is handled by his agent Jason Glushon.

Jaylen Brown stated he was more interested in Donda Sports than Ye's comments.

"I signed with Donda Sports because it symbolised education, activism, disruption, and single-parent households," he said.

He made clear he didn’t "condone" Ye’s remarks.

Expressing "I'll continue to uplift my community through my work and what I've done in my career."

Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald also signed with Donda Sports at its inception.

Ye doubled down on his antisemitic comments earlier this month, saying he was glad he "crossed the line."