Holly Madison recalled a "nonconsensual" and "gross" sexual experience with late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Madison came into Hefner's mansion at 21 and stayed till 2008.

She was the mogul's "primary girlfriend" for years. In recent years, their 54-year age gap drew attention.

Madison, 42, has become more public about her negative experiences at Hefner's estate in her novel and podcast.

Bridget Marquardt, who moved into the mansion at age 28 and was one of Hefner's girlfriends, also hosts the Girls Next Level podcast.

Marquardt recently revealed truths about the Playboy home and her friendship with Hefner, who died in 2017 at age 91.

Recalling one particularly harrowing incident on last week’s episode, Madison revealed that Hefner would use baby oil as a lubricant during sex.

Which she described as “an infection waiting to happen.

She stated, "Hef used baby oil as lube." "I don't advise it. It's infectious. Gross. I don't understand his problem.

Madison was "constantly irritated" by the baby oil, and a gynaecologist advised her to quit using it as a lubricant.

I remember urging Hef to cease using baby oil after consulting a doctor. "He would fight with me and say, 'Well, people use baby oil on babies,'" she recalled.

Madison claimed Hefner ignored her worries and proceeded to use baby oil in secret.

When she refused to use it, others told her that he would put it on his hand in the bedroom and then put it on her when she turned her back.

She continued, "Which is nasty, nonconsensual, and gross." "I'd forgotten about it, but being reminded of it made me angry again."