Sandra Grajales is a professional Figure competitor originally from Misantla, Mexico. Sandra Grajales is a lovely, outstanding, professional figure competitor who has made stellar debuts in various prestigious, top-dollar fitness, figure, and bodybuilding events.

Sandra Grajales is currently 29 years old as of 2023. She’s a role model who is always willing to help anyone trying to reach their fitness and bodybuilding goals..

Sandra spends much of her time training and seeking the best strategies to assist her accomplish her fitness objectives. When she’s not training, Sandra Grajales connects with her admirers on social media.

Sandra Grajales Wiki Biography

NameSandra Grajales
ProfessionIfbb Pro
Employment:Model, bodybuilder, media personality
Age29 years old as of 2023
Eye color:Dark brown
Networth (approx.)$1-2 million
Known NameSandra Grajales
Sandra Grajales Height , Weight

Sandra Grajales Healthy Diet Plan

Sandra Grajales, like many other well-known, professional figure competitors, has a carefully calculated and balanced diet that she religiously follows.

Lean meat, green leafy vegetables, healthy oils, almonds, quinoa, and brown rice are all staples in her diet, as are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sandra Grajales Supplements

Sandra complements her nutritious diet with a variety of nutritional supplements so that she can feel and look her best at all times. She takes the usual supplements like BCAAs, glutamine, and whey protein.

Sandra Grajales Height & Weight

Sandra weighs between 52.4 and 56.9 kilogrammes (115 to 125 Lbs). The 5 feet 1 inch professional figure competitor isn’t short of her goals. She has the kind of body that many would-be fitness and fashion models can only dream of having.

Besides her attractive and adorable appearance, Sandra’s six-pack abs and toned body are among her many excellent qualities.

Height feet5 Feet 1 inches
Weight Kilo56kg approx
Weight [LBS]139 LBS
Sandra Grajales Diet Plan, Husband, Kid,

Sandra Grajales Body Stats

Given that the beautiful and athletic actress Sandra Grajales has a significant number of male fans, it is not surprising that the actress’s body Stats of 40-35-35 inches have been the subject of a lot of Internet searches.

Body Measurements40-35-35
Bra size:40C (US) / 90C (EU)
Breast Size35 in / 89 cm
Hips size:35 in / 89 cm
Waist inches25 in

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Sandra Grajales Kid & Husband

Sandra Grajales husband is Oscar Dominguez they gave a birth to a beautiful baby boy: Alexander Dominguez Grajales

Sandra Grajales Kid & Husband

Sandra Grajales Training

By Adding Mass & Volume.

Sandra’s workout routine is tailored to improve muscular tone and size where it is thin. To succeed in the figure competition, she must appear slightly more muscular than the other bikini contestants.

She accomplishes this by performing numerous repetitions with quite heavy weights. Her breaks between sets range from 45 seconds to 90 seconds.

Sandra only does aerobics five times a week while it is in season.

During the off-season, Sandra typically foregoes exercise in favor of longer, more intense weight training sessions.

Sandra Grajales’s Professional Career

Sandra has spent countless hours at the gym perfecting her physique, and the results are striking.Because of her unique and beautiful appearance, she was encouraged by friends and family to compete in figure and bodybuilding contests.

Sandra finally won her first figure competition in 2014, after several failed attempts. The rest is historical.

Sandra Grajales Achievements & Accomplishments

Sandra has won local and international figure competitions through hard effort, devotion, and sacrifice.

  • Winner Ms. Mexico Classic won in 2014.
  • 4th place in the North American Championship.
  • Winner Ms. Veracruz in 2014.
  • Winner Mexico Juvenil in 2014.
  • 2nd place in the Jr. Masters and Championship in 2014.
  • Winner Ms. Selectivo Nacional in 2014.

Sandra Grajales Competition

2019IFBBMr Olympia10th
2019IFBBArnold Classic Ohio6th
2018IFBBMr Olympia7th
2018IFBBArnold Classic Ohio12th
2017IFBBMr Olympia9th
2017IFBBNew York Pro8th
2016IFBBMr Olympia14th
2016IFBBLenda Murray Pro1st

Sandra Grajales Personal Life

Sandra Grajales entered this world in 1992, having been conceived in the city of Misantla, Mexico. Sandra was teased by her classmates about her thinness when they saw her in high school. As a result of the jokes, she felt irritated and downcast.

Sandra had endured enough pain (physical and mental) as a result of her thin look before she decided to make changes.

In 2010, she made the decision to change her body and began a training programe at one of the area’s gyms.

Sandra Grajales went from being underweight to the area’s most admirable woman by following a balanced diet and working out regularly and persistently.

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