Matilde Biagini has been known to compete in many bikini contests. She was born in Italy on 23 Jan 1993, Matilde is currently 30 years old as of 2023. 

These sentences may appear to be nothing more than a “title” or “label,” but in reality, they encompass the whole trip that resulted in me holding the IFBB PRO League Federation’s Pro Card in my hands at the voyage’s conclusion.

Matilde Biagini Wiki Biography

Full NameMatilde Roxana Biagini
NameMatilde  Biagini
LanguagesItalian (mother tongue), English (good)
Born1993, Trieste, Italy
Age range17 – 23
Height170 cm
Ethnic typesMediterranean (dark)
Place of residenceTrieste – Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Possible accommodationRoma – Latium (Italy)
LanguagesItalian (mother tongue), English (good)
DialectsFriuli-Venezia Giulia (native dialect)
AccentsVenetian (native accent)
Musical instrumentsPiano (very good)
SportsHorseback riding (very good)
Driving licenses / Other permitsDriver’s license car

Matilde Biagini Body Stats

Whenever Matilde Biagini publishes a new photo, her followers go crazy about her physique. Beautiful and inverted-triangle proportioned, her body is a sight to behold. Matilde Miagini body measurements are 32 bust, 25 hips, 34 waist inches

Body Stats34-24-32
Bust size34 inch
Waist size24 inch

Matilde Biagini Hair & Eye Color

Color of eyesBrown
Color of hairBrown
Matilde Biagini Workout & Diet plan

Matilde Biagini Height & Weight

Matilde Biagini is of normal height, but she has an unique body type that is tall and slim despite her height. Standing at 5.54 feet tall = 1.69 meters and weighs around 56 kg.

Matilde Biagini Workout Routine

Off Season: During this time, I want to make up for lost time by utilizing the increased calorie intake to “push” more effectively while lifting heavier loads.

On Season: 

The workouts leading up to competition are more focused on “sophistication” and lighter weights, and I believe the most crucial aspect is to “listen” and strike a balance between what the mind wants and what the body needs to avoid overtraining, which only leads to an increase in stress and is counterproductive.

Matilde Biagini Diet Plan

My carb intake has always been adequate for each of my most recent competitions, and the ratio of fat to protein to carbs has always been just right, allowing me to show off a “tight” but not “off” figure.

Beginning in a state where there is an abnormally high percentage of fat mass necessitates extreme dieting and a more psychologically taxing lifestyle during the whole prerace process.

Matilde Biagini Height, Body Stats

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Matilde Biagini Achievements or Awards

  • Muscle Contest Ireland
  • Big Man Weend Show, Alicante
  • Regional Qualifier “Trofeo del Santo”, Abano Terme: 1st place in my category
  • Kai Green Classic, Padua: 1st place in my category
  • Yamamoto Cup, Padua: 1st place in my category
  • 2 Bros Pro Events, London: 2nd place in my category
  • Fit Parade, Budapest: 2nd place in my category
  • Romania Muscle Fest, Bucharest: 1st place in my category and OVERALL WINNER

Matilde Biagini Favorite Exercise

Deadlifts are one of my favorite exercises, therefore I’ll never stop. This “simple” exercise may be done in several ways, making it seem easy. In search of “something extra,” we often choose innovative or “difficult” physical activities. Never disregard the essentials in your training.

Matilde Biagini Age Dating Net Worth Wiki

Matilde Biagini Career

She was a contestant in the “Miss Italiabeauty convention in the year 2012. Her goal was to pursue a career in acting, albeit modeling was a close second. In fact, she spent a few years in Rome in order to study acting and figure out how to make my way in this industry.

Attempting to put herself in another person’s shoes and think like him has helped Matilde learn a lot about herself and maybe even break free of certain limiting beliefs she has had for a while. whose thoughts she was accustomed to following, which led me to doubt her own.

Between then and now, she’d been making regular visits to the fitness center. Matilde claimed that this new location quickly became like a second home, a place where she could find peace and stability in spite of the ups and downs of her life.

Gym-goers express a similar feeling, a healthy addiction. Matilde acknowledges that this is sometimes mistaken as “fanaticism,” but she feels this is because an outsider observes a person who, while moving dumbbells and barbells, conducts a “narcissistic” performance.

This sport shows the “product,” which is a flawless physical form under strict canons, but its actual meaning resides in the “journey” required to acquire it, and the mental component is that vital variance that creates the difference.

Matilde  sought Cristiana Casoni’s card in 2014 when I hired a coach. Matilde  knew nothing about racing and ignored it. “I’ll design you a card, but you owe me a race,” she said. In 2015, Matilde  won the “Night of Champions” in Verona and numerous Italian Championship qualification matches. This allowed me to compete in Madrid’s Arnold Classic.

The desire to join the pros grew. Matilde  continued to compete professionally after the IFBB PRO LEAGUE split into IFBB Elite Pro. Matilde then eventually performed in the Arnold Classic in Barcelona, something I’d always desired. Since then, she always been in the top five. She wanted to become engaged more as I thought about it. 2019 marked my amateur IFBB PRO League return.

2020 was a trying year for everyone, but “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” as the saying goes. Matilde said she can’t wait to return to the dressing room, stage, and spotlights.

Matilde Studies

2014 – 2014 Acting studiesDUSE – Centro Internazionale di Cinema e Teatro, Roma
2012 – 2013 Acting studiesCentro Teatro Attivo Recitazione corso base

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