Jennifer Dorie, a native of Ontario, Canada, is now competing at the IFBB Bikini Pro level. Jennifer was born on 7 October 1996 and she is currently 27 years old as of 2023. Jennifer put forth a lot of effort while she was still an amateur athlete in order to earn her Pro Card. 

She has not slowed down in the least even though she has already achieved her objective. In point of fact, Jennifer is resolute to accomplish even greater heights of accomplishment on the most prestigious bodybuilding stages, including Ms. Olympia. Because of the frame of mind that she possesses, she is able to motivate not only other athletes but also other people.

In addition to this, she serves as an example for others who follow her on the internet. Jennifer’s dedication to working out at the gym and her exceptional dietary habits enable her to maintain her toned body year after year, earning her fresh accolades in the form of trophies and medals along the way.

Jennifer Dorie Wiki Biography

NameJennifer Dorie
ProfessionWeb Star
HusbandMark Anthony (Boyfriend)
YoutubeJennifer Dorie IFBB PRO

Jennifer Dorie Husband Mark Anthony

Jennifer Dorie shared with Mark Anthony and everyone that attended the wedding on the 22nd of February, 2022, that the date held special meaning for them.

They chose to have their wedding and new life together in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is also where they currently reside. Anthony stated that it was only natural for them to be married in the city in which they currently reside.

Because they were the first pair to ever compete together at the Olympia, Anthony and Dorie have a special place in the history of the bodybuilding discipline.

Jennifer Dorie Diet, Workout, Body Stats, Dating, Olympia

Jennifer Dorie Height Weight

Matilde Biagini has a typical height, but her body is proportioned in an unusual way, making her appear taller than she actually is while maintaining a slimmer profile. Standing at 5 feet 4 inch and weighs 54kg = 120 lbs

Jennifer Dorie Net Worth

It is believed that Jennifer Dorie’s net worth is somewhere between $1-2million dollars given all of the honors and achievements she has received and the training that she has provided.

Jennifer Dorie hot workout

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Jennifer Dorie Career Achievements

She is really focused on achieving her goal of becoming Ms. Olympia and is quite motivated to do so. In her very first competition, which took place in 2018 at the Toronto Pro Bikini, she came in third place. 

This was her first time competing. The year 2020 is turning out to be a successful one for her. Mentioning her accomplishments, she recently took 1st place at the 2020 Tampa Pro Bikini competition and came in 2nd at the 2020 Olympia Bikini competition.


2019 New York Pro Bikini2nd place
2019 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini3rd place
2019 Bikini International4th place
2019 Sheru Classic Columbia Pro Bikini4th place
2018 Olympia Bikini10th place
2018 Tampa Pro Bikini2nd place
2018 Battle In The Desert Pro Bikini4th place
2018 Vancouver Pro Bikini2nd place
2018 Toronto Pro Bikini3rd place
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Jennifer Dorie Workout

Jennifer loves to ease into her workouts at the gym so that she may prepare her muscles for the more strenuous activities that lie ahead.

The moment Jennifer feels ready, she’ll begin doing heavy squats, deadlifts, and presses over her head. All of these things are useful for shaping the base in terms of muscularity and strength. In the latter stages of her training, she concentrates on isolating specific muscle groups to improve her tone and definition.

Jennifer Dorie Glutes and Leg Workout 

Jennifer emphasizes mental constriction while working her lower body. In fact, far more so than the weights. Specifically, she has noticed a positive response in her legs and glutes from this kind of exercise.

Jennifer enjoys combining different kinds of motions in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Machine exercises, such as cable kickbacks for the glutes and hip thrusts on the Smith machine, are among these.

When it comes to getting the finest results, Jennifer likes to mix it up and use a variety of motions. Among these are hip thrusts on the Smith machine and cable kickbacks for the glutes.

Jennifer Dorie Diet

Once she begins training for a competition, though, the game plan shifts. Jennifer eliminates all junk food from her diet and limits her calorie intake to below her maintenance level.

In this way, she may reduce her body fat while protecting her hard-won muscles. Jennifer acknowledges the mental toll of competition preparation but is confident she has what it takes to win.

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